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Near Cusco, Peru
The Andes Mountains, after leaving the Amazon Jungle in South America

Hi! Check out my global-wide travels as a Science Teacher!

Teachers and students are given three months off for summer vacation every year. During this time off I have had the opportunity to explore destinations both far and near. I love exploring the world and want to share these experiences for my friends, family, students and the world to see. That idea inspired me to create; a website aimed at both the travel and education communities. The content will be able to assist travelers, students, educators and anyone interested in gaining more knowledge about the locations I have been fortunate enough to experience. I will review anything and everything from cultural, scientific and historical landmarks.

Featured Works

The Matterhorn in Switzerland
Looking at the Sun and Moon monuments in Cathedral Valley, Utah USA
Terra Cotta Soldiers, China

My Work: J. Lindsay

Recent Teaching:

[Recently Retired]

  • Secondary-School Science-Teacher: (August 1988 – Sept. 2012) @ Layton High School in Layton, Utah.
  • At Layton High School, I was teaching Astronomy, Meteorology, Conceptual Physics, & Pre-Engineering Physics.

  • Additionally, I was an Adjunct-Professor for Physics 1010 @ Salt Lake Community College for many years.

 Past Teaching:

  • I’ve taught A.P Physics for 17 years, Oceanography for 2 years, Biology for 1 year, Chemistry for 3 years, Principles of Engineering for 5 years, Engineering Physics for 25 years and Physical-Earth Science for 10 years.
  • I’ve taught Homebound/Hospitalized students for 10 years and a community-school Gold-Prospecting class for 11 years.
  • I’ve been leader/advisor for a Science, Technology & Environment Club/Explorer-Post at Layton High School for 20 years, (designed to offer students financial support to service projects for the community, science-fair projects, scientific field-trips, scholarship opportunities, guest speakers, and career counseling).
  • I’ve led a group of 30 students/teachers/parents to Southern Utah for an annual educational camping-hiking field trip, (an in-depth study of Biology, petrology, historical geology, ecology, plant identification and archeology was presented), for 20 years.
  • I’ve contracted, from 2005 to 2011, with the Utah Museum of Natural History to lead educational tours throughout the Western United States. These tours ranged from single to multi-day.


  • Graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S.-Degree in Geological Engineering, Mining/Geophysics Exploration Emphasis, 1985.
  • Received Teaching-Certificate at Southern Utah State University, 1987.
  • Graduated from Mississippi State University with an M.S.-Degree in Geoscience Education, 2004. (Thesis was done in San Salvador, Bahamas)

About Me

  • Born in Southern Utah, 1960.
  • Raised in the beautiful little town of Beaver, Utah.
  • 2 older sisters & 1 older brother, (I was the baby).
  • My father was the coach, (football, basketball, & Track), and History Teacher at Beaver High School.
  • I Graduated from Beaver High School, 1979.
  • I participated in Football (Fullback & Defensive Tackle), Wrestling & Track (Sprinter).Born in Southern Utah, 1960.
  • My hobbies are scuba diving, hiking, golf, & horsemanship.

Professional Awards:

  • Davis County School District, Secondary Teacher-of-the-Year Award 2002.
  • University of Utah, Outstanding High School Teacher in Science & Math Teacher of the year 1999.
  • NASA educational Award for Math, Science, & Technology Teacher Award 1996.
  • Davis School District Board Honor Award 1997.
  • Received a research grant on an oceanographic-schooner out of Woods Hole, Massachusetts and the Naval Acadamy in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • Received grants to do research at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California; the National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Green Bank, West Virginia; McDonald Observatory in Texas, United States Naval Academy in Maryland and the American Meteorology Society in Kansas City, Missouri.

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