Nord Kapp, Norway 2018

Looking North near Nord Kapp, Norway

On July 8th, 2018, I drove North from Alta, Norway to Nord Kapp.  Raindeer, (pictured above), on the road was an issue.  As a matter of fact, there were a lot of raindeer.

Nord Kapp, Norway

     Nord Kapp, (pictured above) is a 307 m high cliff rising above the Arctic Ocean north of Norway. It is the northernmost point in Europe reachable by car, and the northernmost place connected with the international road network.

Nord Kapp tourist station.

The Latitude and Longitude of Nord Kapp is 71 degrees North and 26 degrees West respectively. However, viewing the midnight sun on Norway’s north Cape is an unforgettable experience—where the sun sinks majestically toward the horizon but then stops, hanging in the sky; a giant red ball over a pristine, golden sea. Then it begins to rise again. In other words, the midnight sun.

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