Stubai Trek, Austria

     On July 21st, 2017; I started on a 5 day hike along the Stubai Trek.

Stubai Trek Map; I did the middle third from
Bremner Hut to Dresdner Hut.

     The Stubai High Trek is one of the most beautiful high-altitude hikes in the Alps. However, at a length of nearly 100 km and a total ascent / descent of over 24,000 ft., the Stubai High Trek was also a real challenge for me.  I started in the Gschnitztal valley and hiked to the Dresdner Hutte where I took a gondola down to the Mutterbergalm.

The trail-head at the top of Gschnitztal Valley on the Stubai Trek, ( this is where I started).


      Sure-footedness, good physical condition, a head for heights and the right equipment were the basic requirements to discover the Stubai Valley mountain range at its most beautiful.

Looking east from the superbly located Bremer Hut, 2413m,
where it sits on a small plateau overlooking the Gschnitztal

     A special feature of the Stubai Trek was that the hike could be interrupted at any hut. Every base hut offered the opportunity to descend to the valley below, in case the weather got too bad. And, yes it snowed 3 of the 5 days I hiked.


     From the Bremer Hut the route goes west up stoney alps and over the Simmingsjochl Pass, (pictured above at 2764m).  The descent down the west side of the Simmingsjochl pass was quite steep.  There were great views to Wilder Prieger, 3419m.  Looking back up the west descent from the Simmingsjochl. The route which is protected with cables initially comes down steeply from the centre, to the snowfield on the left and then
comes down the left of it to this meadow pictured below.

Near Nurnburger Hut, 2280m.
Just north-west of the Nurnberger Hutte, en route to the Sulzenau Hutte of the Stubai Trek.
Looking south at the Wilder Freiger–3418, with it’s glaciers.


     En route from Sulzenau hut to the Peiljoch saddle the route leaves the pastoral valley floor and traverses a small buttress to gain a lateral
moraine ridge. This buttress was an exposed scramble but is now aided with a metal platform, (pictured below).


Along the Stubai trek between the Sulzenau Hutte and the Peiljock saddle.
The Peiljock saddle between the Sulzenau Hutte and Dresdner Hutte on the Stubai Trek.


     The descent to the Dresdner Hutte, 2306m, was quite steep in places but these were secured by cables. However, the view was quite spectacular, (picture below).  Unfortunately the area around Dresdner Hutte is polluted with cable cars and ski equipment

Approaching Dresdner Hutte on the Subai Trek 2017, (looking Northwest towards the Rudehofspitze–3474 m
Looking North-east down the Unterbergtal

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