Matterhorn, Switzerland

On July 16th, 2017; I found myself in Zermatt, Switzerland and had the opportunity to take a gondola to the Matterhorn Paradise Ski Resort.  This would give me a number of amazing views of the world-famous Matterhorn.

Matterhorn area map
The Matterhorn, Switzerland 2017

     The Matterhorn’s instantly recognizable pyramidal peak sits slightly off-center and betrays the way it is made.

A stop and a hike along the way from the gondola to the Matterhorn Paradise Ski Resort 

     The peak is where four ridges meet. Between the hollows of these aretes, successive piles of snow and ice have accumulated to form glaciers—-cracking the rocks and scooping out rounded basins, known as cirques. The rocks that form the mountain were folded and thrust high into the air about 50 million years ago by earth movements that were the result of the African continent smashing into Europe.

From the viewing area of the Matterhorn glacier paradise, (a very cloudy northwest view towards the Matterhorn).
Looking Northeast towards Zermatt, Switzerland from the Matterhorn glacier paradise viewing area.
Looking east towards Mount Rosa, (4634m), from the Matterhorn paradise glacier viewing area.
Ice Tunnel towards the Matterhorn Paradise viewing area
One of the many Ice Sculptures in the Matterhorn Paradise
On my way back down the gondola from the Matterhorn paradise Ski Resort.  An excellent and close-up view of the Matterhorn, Switzerland 2017
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