Francis Peak, UT 2004

The summit is seasonally accessible by hiking, biking, recreational vehicles, and automobile. The unpaved roads are mostly one-lane, steep, switch-backed and cliff-hanging/rocky in spots, perhaps best handled by smaller 4-wheel drive vehicles. Views of the valleys below are spectacular. Vehicles can access the peak via Skyline Drive in Bountiful, Utah and Farmington Canyon Road in Farmington, Utah. Atop the peak are domed radar towers constructed in 1959 and operated by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Air National Guard.

Radio Tower on Francis Peak, Utah in 2004

Pictured above, the natural elevation on Frances Peak is 9,515 feet. The base of the radar facility adds 55 feet, and the dome chips in 60 feet more for a total extra artificial height of 115 feet. Therefore, the grand total of Francis Peak is 9,630 feet above sea level.

The Scaled Solar System using the 60 foot Radio Tower on Francis Peak, Utah

Using the 60 foot Radio Tower on Francis Peak, I decided to use it as a tool to scale out the Solar System across the Great Salt Lake viaduct. The educational video below is my attempt to accomplish this.

The Scaled Solar System in Utah, using the Francis Peak Radio Tower as the Sun.
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