Rosarito, Mexico 2010

In February of 2010, Becky (my wife) and I went to Rosarito, Mexico for a relaxing week. We stayed at the Historical Rosarito Beach Hotel.

Map of Southern California

Rosarito is a coastal resort city, in the Mexican State of the Baja California located approximately 16 km south of the U.S. Border through Tijuana.

Entrance to the Rosarito Beach Hotel during February 2010

The Rosarito Beach Hotel was first opened to the public as a hotel in 1924. In 1932, the grand hotel foyer was constructed, (pictured below).

The Grand Historical Foyer of the Rosarito Beach Hotel

The beauty of the hotel, its Mexican ambiance, excellent food and drinks attracted Hollywood stars and filmmakers making the Rosarito Beach Hotel the place to be for the rich and famous.

Entry-way art above the historical doors of the Rosarito Beach Hotel
Inside the Entry-way art at the Rosarito Beach Hotel

The stratigraphic succession cropping out along the coast in the Tijuana-Rosarito Beach area is dominated by the Rosarito Beach Formation (new name), a Miocene succession of interbedded basalt flows, pyroclastic rocks, and clastic sedimentary rocks.

Looking north along the Rosarito Beach from the Pier.

The climate is strongly influenced by the cold California Ocean-Current and Upwellings. As a result, temperatures are mild throughout the year with average temperatures ranging between 14 in February and 21 °C in July. We were there in February.

From the Pier; looking east towards the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

Half the week, was cool with clear skies. The other half was very windy with rain. We had to wear a jacket.

Looking west at Becky near the Rosarito Pier at the Rosarito Beach Hotel
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