Inari Lake, Finland 2018

Inari Lake, Finland

     On July 9th, I was on a road trip returning from Nord Kapp as I crossed the border from Norway to Finland. My destination was a place called Lake Inari. The Finnish Lappland is a place of lakes, and the largest is the deep blue-Lake Inari, (pictured below), near the Russian border.

Inari Lake, looking east towards Russia.

     Almost a small sea rather than a lake, its shores are jagged, indented with hundreds of inlets, and over 3,000 tree-covered islands that are scattered over it’s waters. The lake covers an area of 1,300 square kilometers and its sides fall steeply to the murky depths below. The lake is fed by the Ivalajoke river and empties into the Barents Sea through the Paatsjoki river.

Lake Inari 2018
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