Seisenberg, Austria

     On July 31, 2017; I was trekking in Austria and was able to explore the Seisenberg Gorge.

Seisenbergklamm and Lamprecht’s Cave Map

     The Seisenberg Gorge natural monument is an impressive 2,000 ft. long, 165 ft. deep canyon near Weissbach in Salzburg.

Art rendition of Seisenberg Gorge from the 1700s

     The Weissback stream runs through a forest to a set of dramatic rapids, and then plunges into the narrow gorge where the water has carved the rock into a series of smooth-sided caverns and tunnels.

Entrance to the Seisenberg Gorge

     (Pictured below), An elaborate stairway of convenient wooden steps and walkways has been constructed to enable visitors to walk through the canyon.

Seisenbergklamm 2017
Leaving the Seisenbergklamm

     While in the area, I was sure to visit Lamprecht’s Cave near Weissback.

Entrance to Lamprecht’s Cave

     Lamprecht’s cave is one of the most extensive cave systems in Europe. It is also the deepest cave in the world.

Lamprecht’s Cave cross-section

     Despite having an alarm system to warn of flooding, in recent years people have still been reportedly trapped briefly underground. (Pictured below is Lamprecht’s Cave).

Biggest room in the Lamprecht’s Cave
Coming out the Lamprecht’s Cave

     Later that day I drove Southeast to explore the nearby Vorderkaser Gorge.  The Odenback river has carved a 1,300 ft. long canyon to a depth of 260 ft. to form this spectacular gorge.

Entrance to the Vorderkaserklamm
A waterfall in the Vorderkaserklamm

     (Picture below), A series of steps lead visitors past the gorge’s extraordinary rock formations.

Leaving the Vorderkaserklamm
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