Damajagua River, Dominica Republic 2017

     Becky and I started our year 2017 off with another cruise to the Caribbean during Spring Break.  We hit the Grand Turk, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. 

2017 Cruise Ports

     Next to the Cruise Center on the Grand Turk Island, is this display of an astronaut wearing a space suit, a model of a Mercury-Atlas 6 rocket and a red and white parachute as it guides a space capsule into the sea from its final descent of 21,000 feet. Splashdown Grand Turk celebrates John Glenn’s 1962 historical three orbits around the earth in Friendship 7. After traveling 65,763 nautical miles in almost five hours, he entered the Atlantic near Grand Turk. This exhibit tells the story of Project Mercury, the Mercury 7 astronauts and highlights of NASA’s accomplishments.

I’m nudging the astronaut at the Grand-Turk Splashdown Display

     We next stopped at St. Thomas and explored Hassel Island with the use of a canoe.  Then we explored the Rio Camuy Cave Park on Puerto Rico Island.   On April 6th, 2017 we arrived in Amber Cove on the Dominica Republic, to go canyoneering. Tucked away in the beautiful rolling hills of the central mountain range, I visited the El Salto de la Damajagua and its 27 lagoons.

Forging the river to approach the El Salto de la Damajagua


This natural monument of the river Damajagua is composed of 27 jumps of various sizes.

The Damajagua River in the Dominica Republic


The Damajagua River, coming from the “Septentrional Cordillera”, has a well-known section with water falls of around 12 or 13 meters in height,
which form curtains of water and natural pools that require you to jump from.

The slot portion of the Damajagua River in the Dominica Republic
One of the 27 waterfalls on the Damajagua River in the Dominica Republic

     What a wonderful adventure.

One of the best waterfall jumps on the Damajagua River in the Dominica Republic; 2017 
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