Brimham Rocks, England

     On August 10th, 2016; I spent the day at Brimham Rocks, England.

Brimham Rocks area map

     Below, I’m pushing on one of the rock formations found at “Brimham Rocks”.

Balanced Rock, (the center of gravity of the rock needs to be above the tiny support base).

     The Dancing Bear (pictured below) and the Turtle are the names of some of the weird millstone grit rock stacks in Nidderdale, Yorkshire. Many area is surrounded with ancients myths, (as indicated from the artist rendition found below).

The fairyland myth of the Brimham Rocks
“The Dancing Bear” at Brimham Rocks, England

     These rocks are scattered over some 50 acres on the Brimham Moor. The creation of these rocks began in the granite mountains of northern Scotland and Norway.

Brimham Rocks, England 2016

     Approximately 320 million year ago, an enormous river sluiced grit and sand from these mountains, forming a huge delta that covered half of the area of Yorkshire today.

Brimham Rocks, England

     Layers of this grit and sand, along with rock crystals of feldspar and quartz, built up to form a tough sandstone known as millstone grit. Between 80,000 and 10,000 years ago, glaciers eroded these rocks into the bizarre shapes on view today.

Brimham Rocks, England 2016

          Their tiny plinth-like supports, like the one pictured below, were caused by fluvial sandblasting at lower levels which wore away the softer layers of rock.

Brimham Rocks, England 2016
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