Atlanterhavsvegen, Norway 2018

Atlanterhavsvegen, Norway 2018

     On June 21st, 2018; I stayed the night in Molde, Norway. There I was able to visit an amazing piece of highway named Atlanterhavsvegen, (pictured above), the following morning.

The main bridge on the Atlanterhavsvegen, Norway

     The Atlantic Road, known as Atlanterhavsvegen, (pictured above), is just about the most scenic route one could imagine.

Atlanterhavsvegen panel, found at a rest stop along the highway

      The curvy road dips and arches over the brutal waves of the Norwegian Sea that often crash over the pavement during storms, (pictured above).

     This 8.3 Km segment of County Road 64, consists of several causeways, seven bridges, and four viewpoints to take in the scenic views.

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