Senja Island, Norway 2018

Senja Island, Norway 2018

     On July 6th, 2018 I flew into Narvik, Norway,  rented a car and drove North to Senja Island.

Google Earth image of Senja Island, Norway. Stayed the night in Finnsnes

     The nature on the island of Senja is like a cross-section of Norwegian nature – a Norway in miniature. On the “inner coast” and in the south, I discovered a gentle landscape with marshland, pine forests and forested hillsides. When I crossed Senja towards the west and north, the landscape rose through mountain birch forests, crossing tree-less mountains and barren, high mountains before it dropped suddenly down toward the open sea of the “outer coast”.

Steinfjord on Senja Island, Norway (Looking west just outside the tunnel)

      Pictured above is of the Stenfjord looking west and then pictured below looking northwest at the beach below the tunnel.

The beach at Steinfjord.

     After driving northwest around the point of Steinfjord, I found the next northern fjord called Ersfjord.  Below is an image taken Northwest at Ersfjord towards the “Devil’s Teeth”.

Ersfjord on Senja Island, Norway looking Northwest at the Devils Teeth
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