Dartmoor NP, England

On August 3rd, 2016; I had the opportunity to explore Dartmoor National Park in south-west England.

Dartmoor National Park area map

     This park has inspired many artists and writers, perhaps most famously Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose Sherlock Holmes adventure “The Hound of the Baskervilles” was set on the moor.

The “Hound Tor” in Dartmoor National Park, England

     Below, left, I’m standing near the Hound Tor, one of the most impressive of more than 160 granite outcrops—-spectacular landmarks that provide marvelous views of the surrounding countryside.

Semi-wild ponies found at Dartmoor National Park

     Dartmoor ponies, which roam free on the moor, are easily seen.

Soussons-Common Cairn-Circle found east of Postbridge in Dartmoor National Park, England

     There are numerous prehistoric standing stone circles found within the park.  Pictured above, on Soussons (Southsands) Common, near Postbridge, is a spherical circle 10 m in diameter. The stones are 22 in number, – not large stones, – the tallest is about 75 cm above ground-level. On digging in the centre a fine kistvaen was uncovered. The cover stone was gone, but side stones of thin, shapely slabs remain. The north end of the kist was built up of small stones, and the south end was formed of a stone which did not reach the floor of the kist by some 6 cm. It, however, acted as a blocking stone and “spreader” to the side stones.

Becky Falls within the Ancient Woodland Park of Dartmoor, England

   Between Soussons Stone Circle and “The Hound Tor”  I found a little nature park called the “Ancient Woodland Park”.  It’s main attraction is Becky Falls.  Since my wife’s name is Becky, I had no choice but take the path and check-it-out.   The Park was quite beautiful.

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