Lofoten Archipelago, Norway 2018

Lofoten Archipelago near Moskenes

     On June 29th, 2018 I took a ferry from Bodo, Norway to the Lofoten archipelago near Moskenes, (pictured above). The Lofoten archipelago, located north of the Arctic Circle, offered breathtaking, unforgettable scenery, impressive alpine mountain peaks, Arctic fjords and tiny fishing settlements.

     The picturesque harbors of Tind overlooks “Ȧ”, and lures artists, inspired by the unique light in Lofoten, (pictured below). Lofoten is comprised of the youngest and the oldest types of rock we know. The latter are so-called primeval rocks and are among the oldest in the world, being the remnants of a once enormous 3 billion year old plateau. The island of Moskenesøy is the only one of the Lofotens that can boast of being composed in part of this oldest, primeval ground. From the shore, these mountains tower up, steep and sheer, towards the sky. On top, however, they become gentle, undulating, and flat. The “younger” mountains have sharp peaks, sharp ridges and are often referred to as an “alpine landscape”. The mountains of Lofoten are so high that scientists believe they were not covered by ice during the last Ice Age which took place about 18,000 – 20,000 years ago.

Tind Bay overlooking “A” in Lofoten, Norway

     Overall, Lofoten protrudes from the mainland and into the sea like an outstretched arm. The location of the islands catches the eye, and they are therefore displayed on many old and ancient maps. Such an armlike position catches indeed most things, particularly gale force winds, storms and rain …, but the most important thing this arm embraces is the invisible, lifegiving Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream strokes intimately past the Lofoten Islands, creating mild winters, both at sea and on land.

Lofoten Archipelago

     Lofoten is one of the best places in the world for producing stockfish. The further west you go in Lofoten, the better – in Tind and “Ȧ”, conditions are particularly favourable.

“A” Fishing Village on the Lofoten Archipelago, Norway

     Visiting the Lofoten Islands in the Summer is an experience for both the nose and the eyes, when knolls and hilltops are covered with fully laden stockfish racks, (pictured below).

Stockfish Racks in Tind, Lofoten, Norway
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