Flam to Bergen, Norway

Flam to Bergen road trip

     On June 25th 2018, I started a drive from Sognefjord to Bergen and stayed the night in Flam, Norway. Nearby, I walked south to the Kjofossen. For sheer majestic power of the Kjosfossen is unbeatable (pictured below). It hurtles 93 meters down a cliff face, with a roar that can be heard for miles around, spray leaping high in the air to form prisms in the bright sunlight.

Kjosfossen Waterfall near Flam, Norway

     On the June 26th of the next day, I drove from Flam to Bergen over the mountain-plateau tops.  This gave magnificent views, like the one I found  below.

Mountain Pass near Bergen, Norway

Bergen, (pictured below) is today the second-largest city in the country.

Bergen, Norway 2018


By far the most iconic sight to greet any visitor to Bergen is the colorful facade of Bryggen, the old Hanseatic wharf that was first established in the 14th century. It has been, and still is, a place of both cultural and economic significance. The picturesque wooden structures, rebuilt following a fire in 1702, later became recognized as a vital part of Bergen’s cultural heritage, and also the world’s, as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The wharf today, includes shops, restaurants and cafés and is an emblematic and natural focal point for locals and visitors alike.

The Bryggen in Bergen, Norway

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