Playa Ostional, CR 2017

    On November 23, 2017, Mike Stevens and I took a trip out to Playa Ostional. Costa Rica.

Costa Rica 2017

     Triggered by the last quarter of the moon each month, hundreds of thousands of Olive Ridley-Turtles emerge from the Pacific Ocean and deposit their eggs on the beach at Ostional. This phenomenon is called the Arribada, meaning “the arrival.” The peak of activity is during the wet season, between July and December, with the biggest recorded emergence in November 1995 when 500,000 female turtles nested in a single Arribada.

Playa Ostional, Costa Rica 2017 (Looking North)

     (Pictured above), I’m standing on the Playa Ostional with no turtles present. Obviously, we were not there at the right time.

Playa Ostional 2017 (Looking South)

     However, remnant egg-shells were littered all over the beach.

Playa Ostional with turtles.

     (Pictured below), Mike and I visit a gorgeous waterfall & swimming hole nearby called the Llamos de Cortes waterfall.

Llamos de Cortes Waterfall, Costa Rica 2017
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